Foyer Global Health Reinsurance partner

Dedication beyond borders

We have chosen Foyer Global Health to be our re-insurer to provide you local & global world-class products in the UAE region.

About the company

Since 2014, Foyer Global Health offers international health insurance and services to expats, international employees and globally mobile people in more than 200 countries . It is part of Foyer Group, the largest insurer in Luxembourg.

Foyer Global Health’s mission is to help and service the health needs of individuals and groups wherever they are.

What defines Foyer Global Health?

  • Independent & financially robust insurance company
  • Trustworthy partner with transparent & personalised communcation
  • Entrepreneurial & growth-minded
  • International technology enabled IPMI player

Foyer Global Health is also committed to share its expertise to partners & brokers:

By expats for expats

Strong local expertise & industry knowledge

Partnership in DNA

Long-term partnerships are part of the strategy


Flexible and tailored solutions for each partner

Our joint objective with MaxHealth is to design quality, local & global) health insurance coverages that suit everyone’s needs. We are glad to work with a such trusted and reknown partner on the Dubai market. We strongly believe that our expertises on IPMI and Middle East Insurance sector allow us to build the most optimal health products for expats and corporates.

Foyer Global Health Managing Director

François Jacquemin
Managing Director