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MedNet Medical Service Process

The first thing to do when using your Health Insurance is to know if your provider is within or beyond your network.

Check network through the HealthPass by MedNet App.

  • Download the HealthPass by MedNet App

Scan here or press the button below:

  • After registration select Find a Provider
  • Search & explore your Network

Or you can check your MedNet network here

Once you confirm your network kindly follow these steps:

How to access inside your network?

HealthPass by MedNet

Member Access to HealthPass by Mednet Mobile App

Download the App and Sign Up:

Book and manage appointments with MedNet.

Click on "Book / Manage Appointment"

You find it in the navigation under Doctor Directory - Provider Directory - Booking Appointment.


Meet yor Doctor at the facility or through the TruDoc App

Confirmation message from NeuronAE

SMS Notification, e-Prescription & Medication Delivery from Rahtak

You will receive a SMS notification for your eprescription and medication delivery. Click on the link in the to sign in and confirm your order details.

RAHTAK: a product by MedNet

Fill out yor details to Rahtak

Receive your orders from MedNet

Medications to be delivered at your doorstep

Book your appointment with Maxhealth

Statisfied Member

How to go beyond your network?

MedNet Mobile App
  • Consult a healthcare professional and settle your fees.
  • Submit your claim through the mobile app or through the website
  • Receive a notification regarding the progress of your claims
  • If no additional documents required, you will receive your reimbursement payment.

Approval Handling Process

Approval Process

Download Support Documents

The HealthPass App by Mednet

Discover the HealthPass by MedNet

Introducing the latest innovation from MedNet, the HealthPass by mednet mobile app offers our members comprehensive digital access that allows them to generate E-cards for themselves and their dependents, locate nearby providers, access policy benefits and their balances.

HealthPass Member Journey Tutorial

HealthPass by mednet Mobile App – Simplifying your Healthcare Access. HealthPass by mednet mobile app has so much more to offer you than a digital access to your health insurance benefits and tracking all medical requests for you and your family members.

MedNet Chronic RX Refill Program

MedNet is proudly introducing an innovative digital solution to its members “MedNet Chronic Rx Refill Program“ where all members diagnosed with certain chronic diseases can benefit from that added value service.

MedNet next level Member Experience

As a proud Munich Re company, MedNet has introduced, throughout 2020, an exclusive bouquet of innovative services taking member experience to the next level! Despite it being a challenging year, our teams are committed to constantly develop new services.

MedNet Virtual Assistant

Enhancing our Member experience is one of our priority objectives, therefore we are introducing an amazing digital tool “MedNet Virtual Assistant” for the first time in the UAE and GCC market, in its new shape and accessible through various channels for your convenience.

Introducing RAHTAK

Our new application allowing you to get your medicine delivered to your doorstep. After receiving your prescription, you will receive an SMS from RAHTAK. Simply follow the easy steps, sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Download HealthPass by Mednet now

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TruDoc App

TruDoc provides you 24/7 access to quality care from everywhere. Our interactive mobile application gives you immediate access to highly trained and licensed doctors, wellness experts and therapists who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs.

Also Mental Health Care, Teleconsultation, Chronic Medication Programm is part of TruDoc. Read more here.

  • Round the clock Access
  • Geographic Accessibility
  • Convenient Care
  • Ethical Care
  • True Care
  • Immediate Care

Download the TruDoc App now

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