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Mednet Claim Service

Welcome to your benefits program with Mednet

Welcome to your benefits program with MedNet. We are here to help you anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
Please read on for important information regarding your new plan and direct billing card in the United Arab Emirates.

Carry your MedNet Direct Billing Card with you for any care in the Middle East! Don’t forget to show your card to have your claims paid directly and avoid out-of-pocket costs!

Two ways to enquire about your MedNet Network:

  • Download the MedNet mobile app (iPhone & Android compatible)
  • Click HERE to access the MedNet website

Your Direct Billing Card

How should you use the MedNet Health Card?

In order for you to have a direct billing/cashless access within the provider network of MedNet in the UAE, you just need to present your MedNet Health Card (with the sample card above) along with any of your official ID in the UAE to the front office staff of any hospital and clinic that is within the network provider list of MedNet.  

If you are new to the hospital or clinic, they will also request you to complete the Patient Information section of the claim form already available with our medical network partners. They will then send your claims to us for direct settlement. You will therefore only pay for charges relating to:

  1. Deductibles and/or any applicable co-payment (please see Summary of Benefits)
  2. Treatment that is not covered by your policy terms and conditions

Your Digital Reimbursement Claims

How to access your Medical Network

Via MedNet website:

Log into the website:

Via our mobile Application:

  1. Download our MedNet Mobile Application on the Apple Store
    (for iPhone) or on the Google Store (for Android phones)
  2. Enter the login credentials (Name, card number, mobile number)

How to access your Medical Network


  1. Present your MedNet personalized Direct Billing Health Card to the hospital’s front desk prior to consultation with the doctor.
  2. After consultation and treatment, the claims form will be completed by the doctor with all the information required.
  3. You will only pay any applicable deductible, co-payment or any charges for non-covered items, as per the policy terms and conditions.

The bill will be forwarded to MedNet for payment along with full details.


  1. You consult a healthcare professional and settle your fees.
  2. Submit your claim either through the mobile app or through the website
  3. You will receive a notification regarding the progress of your claims
  4. If no additional documents required, you will receive your reimbursement payment

Reimbursement Procedure

Option 1:

For the fastest way to upload the claims forms please download the MedNet Mobile Application on your mobile and follow the steps.

Kindly note:
Reimbursement Claims need to be uploaded max. 60 days after the treatment.

Following documents need to be uploaded:

  • MedNet Reimbursement Form
  • Invoice
  • Payment Receipt
  • Medical Report / Result from Diagnostic Tests (if any done)

After the upload of the claims, it takes 20 working days till the claim is settled.

Option 2:

To upload the Reimbursement form online, you have to click following link and follow the steps:

Approval Handling Process