MaxHealth Celebrates Another Milestone with a Spectacular Broker Event

MaxHealth, a leading name in the Health Insurance industry, achieved another remarkable milestone with its highly successful inaugural MaxHealth Broker Event on the 14th of September at The Address Dubai Mall.

This event, which showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, left attendees truly inspired. The focus of the event was to introduce and highlight several exciting innovations that MaxHealth has been working diligently on:

  1. MaxHealth: Yesterday, today and tomorrow. In a compelling and enlightening session, Sven M. Reinicke, the Managing Partner of MaxHealth, delved into the journey of MaxHealth, providing valuable insights into its history, its current standing, and the ambitious plans that lie ahead for the company.

In a heartwarming moment during the presentation, Mr. Reinicke showcased the important role of the MaxHealth team with a wonderful video presentation. The video captured the dedication, passion, and hard work of MaxHealth’s talented and committed staff.

Watch the video here:

Mr. Reinicke’s presentation left the audience inspired and eager to witness MaxHealth’s evolution in the years to come. It was a reminder that MaxHealth’s journey is far from over, and as it continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Health Insurance.

Watch the video here:

2. Global Corporate Solutions in Partnership with Foyer Global Health MaxHealth. Also, it announced its partnership with Foyer Global Health, which will enable the company to provide global corporate solutions. This collaboration is a significant step towards offering comprehensive Health Insurance solutions to businesses on an international scale.

François Jacquemin, the Chief Executive Officer of Foyer Global Health, also shared his vision on the continued partnership with MaxHealth and his outlook for the future of the Health Insurance industry.

Our Insurance Partner, Dubai Insurance was also present at the event to give an insightful speech on the partnership with MaxHealth. Dana Kansou, Manager for Distribution and Strategic Partnerships, delivered a speech, shedding light on the company’s strategic direction and partnerships.


3. MaxWell: A New Individual Product Line: One of the event’s highlights was the official launch of MaxWell, a groundbreaking individual product line. This addition to MaxHealth’s offerings is designed to provide individuals with tailored health insurance solutions to meet their unique needs.

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4. MaxHealth Exclusive Helplines: MaxHealth introduced its new exclusive helplines, 800-MAXNET operated by MedNet and 04-317 8425 operated by NAS Neuron Health Services. These helplines are dedicated to ensuring that MaxHealth members receive prompt and efficient assistance whenever they need it, enhancing their overall experience.

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5. MaxHealth Official Brochures: Mr. Reinicke seized the moment to unveil our brand-new MaxHealth brochures, designed to provide clear insights into our company, products, and services.

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Beyond the informative sessions, the event was a delightful blend of fun and insights. Attendees had the opportunity to explore MaxHealth’s latest innovations and enhancements up close, gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence.

Looking ahead, MaxHealth eagerly anticipates the next MaxHealth broker event. With a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, MaxHealth invites all its partners, brokers, and friends to join them on this exciting journey.

Together, let’s create a brighter and more promising future for the health insurance industry. MaxHealth continues to redefine the standards of excellence in Health Insurance.