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About Us

Our Mission

To create a world with better quality in Medical Insurance

Our Story

MaxHealth started as a small insurance provider in the UAE market. With the determination of its dedicated and professional team, we flourished and stoodout in a short period of time.

Our multicultural team speaks several languages:
English, German, Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Sinhala, Algerian and Farsi.

Due to highly dedicated service, continues development of flexible products meeting the demands of our client, we were able to gain a significant client portfolio.

MaxHealth continues to improve the products/benefits while maintaining service level.


The journey started.

One man started a dream of bringing better quality of health insurance to the UAE.


MaxHealth was born.

Became one of the fastest growing and one of the most trusted Health Insurance provider in the UAE market.


Partnership with Foyer Global Health


Looking to expand in UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi.
Team photo Maxhealth

Our Core Values & Advantages

Driven by Heart

Everything is done by heart: our Management team is involved in day-to-day operations.


As an owner-managed company, our decision-making process is fast and efficient.


Agile and flexible, we strive constantly to adapt our product offering to the UAE market.


We make sure that each customer’s needs are fully addressed.

Cashless access to medical facilities

Direct Billing across the large network range.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our multilingual assistance make recommendations and connections for any emergency.

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

When deemed medically necessary, we will safely evacuate the member to the nearest qualified medical facility and/or provides transportation home.

Care of Minor Children

Should be your child unattended while you are facing a medical emergency, we will take in charge their return home or arrange a childcare.

Second Medical Opinion

You receive a documented second medical opinion on a complex medical condition, directly from a specialist working in a world-class medical institution.

Meet Your Health Insurance Heroes

The team that continuously striving to meet clients’ needs, improving the products/benefits and maintaining the service level.


Sven Reinicke

Managing Partner

We are heroes because our team members contribute their passion every day to deliver highest level of service quality.

Sven Reinicke
Armin Shahbeik

Armin Shahbeik

Deputy Managing Partner

Being a Hero for me is courageous, determined, helpful and honest. As a team, we do client servicing with great passion day by day.

Operations Team

Raja Al Khatib

Senior Operations Manager

At MaxHealth, we deliver with exceptional and wide range of support to our clients.

Raja Al Khatib
Khadidja Mahi Moussa

Khadidja Mahi Moussa

Operations Manager

We offer comprehensive, configurable healthcare services to meet the expectations and healthcare needs of our policy holders.

Jessica Cortez

Service Manager

Hero for me is someone you can rely to. Someone you can trust and someone that stays true to what they promise. 

I believe our service at MaxHealth is exactly like this.

Jessica Cortez - Service manager
Raja Al Khatib

Eslam Ahmmad

Service Manager

MaxHealth – Your health Insurance hero.

Aila Faith Chapman

Service Manager

From me, MaxHealth is the best in terms of service because of all the experienced people working behind it.

Anyone who will be covered under MaxHealth will surely be in good hands.

Aila Faith Chapman - Service Manager
Aila Faith Chapman - Service Manager

Rosalyn Rubinos

Service Officer

MaxHealth – Your health Insurance hero.

Carl Rastrullo

Production Officer

We cater to all the needs of our policy holders.

Carl Rastrullo - Production officer
Khadidja Mahi Moussa

Allan Caasi

Production Officer

At MaxHealth we always make sure that each client’s needs are met.

Broker Relations

Ron Kerish Dime

Broker Relations Manager

We make a difference in what we do to our business partners and to everyone who we are dealing with every day.

Ron Kerish Dime
Mohammed Askar

Mohammed Askar

Broker Relations Manager

At MaxHealth, we deliver what we have promised to our clients.

Jessica Frey

Service Officer

MaxHealth – Your health insurance hero.

Mohammed Askar

Quality / Medical Management

Hebatallah Refai

Hebatallah Refai

Quality Service Manager

MaxHealth is a Health Insurance Provider that will connect me to the best health professionals and providers during times of need and will tailor an insurance product that suits my needs and requirements.

Dr. Alan Navarro

Data Analysis and Claims Manager

MaxHealth is a Medical Insurance coverage that is cost effective and yet comprehensive.

Dr. Alan Navarro
Dr. Angelo Santos

Dr. Angelo Santos

Medical Manager

We are not trying to be Spiderman, Superman or any of the Avengers that could save the world, however, we guarantee our clients and insured members that we reckon and do our job in Health Insurance industriy seriously and value responsibility in making sure that health is protected and being taken care of.

Support Team

Karin Knauf

Business Manager

When I think of a “Health Insurance Hero,” I imagine a provider that goes above and beyond to serve its customers with integrity, compassion, and efficiency. It entails understanding the unique needs of businesses and individuals, offering tailored solutions, and guiding them through the complexities of health insurance.

Raja Al Khatib
Vince Guba

Vince Guba

Marketing Executive

I believe that every Health Insurance Provider aims to give people a product/service that they deserve – a quality and reliable Health Insurance Policy. 

A helping hand to ensure that your needs are met. I believe that’s what MaxHealth stands for.

Fawad Ikram

IT Engineer

When I hear “Your Health Insurance Hero,” it evokes the idea of a health insurance provider that goes above and beyond to protect and support individuals’ well-being.

A Health Insurance Hero would be a trusted partner, offering comprehensive coverage, personalized assistance, and exceptional care during times of need. I believe this is what MaxHealth stands to.

Mohammed Askar

Abu Dhabi Operations

Wolfgang Petz

Wolfgang Petz

Branch Manager – Abu Dhabi

We provide solutions (product & service related) where others struggle.