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Product Categorization

maxmed product line


  • Worldwide Coverage (excl. USA)
  • Range: 10 to 300 members
  • Pre-underwritten
  • Wide range of benefits available
Maxflex product line


  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Range: 10 to 300 members
  • Pre-underwritten
  • Wide range of benefits available
Maxtailor product line


  • We customize your benefits according to your needs
  • Full range of benefit variations
maxwell - individual health insurance


  • Worldwide Coverage (excl. USA)
  • DHA & DoH registered
  • Individual Policy
  • Full Medical Underwriting

Available range of benefit variations

* maxmed, maxflex and maxtailor

  • Optical
  • Dental
  • Maternity
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Deductible Options
  • Co-Payment Options
  • Annual Limit
  • Health Check
  • Wellness Packages
  • Special Benefits

All our products meet the international standards and comply with the guidelines of
Dubai Health (DHA) and Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH).

Our Claim Services in just a TAP!

MaxHealth provides various digital solutions for its customers:
HealthPass by MedNet, NAS and Neuron Mobile Apps and  the TruDoc App.

Healthpass by Mednet

HealthPass by MedNet

The HealthPass by MedNet app offers our members comprehensive digital access that allows them to generate E-cards for themselves and their dependents, locate nearby providers, access policy benefits and their balances.

NAS and Neuron Mobile Apps

The members of NAS Neuron mobile apps can now search for network providers, view their benefits, upload claims and track status of their approvals using the mobile applications.
Members can also use the Electronic NAS or Neuron IDs on the app in case they have forgotten their E-ID cards.

NAS NEURON Mobile Apps
TruDoc app


You can have 24/7 access to quality care whether at your home, office, on vacations or business trips. Our integrated and interactive mobile application gives you immediate access to highly trained and licensed doctors, wellness experts and therapists who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs.

Our Partners

We partnered with these brands to provide you world class and utmost services.
Dubai Insurance

Insurance Company

DIN has always provided excellent service to its Clientele. The major transformation took place when the newly, agile and proactive Board of Directors were elected in early 2006.

Dubai Insurance’s new Board of Directors together with the new management team tripled and doubled its revenue, profitability and client offering while maintaining the same unique values the founders were keen to establish.

Reinsurance Partner

Foyer Global Health is the expert brand in health coverage and services for expatriates. It is part of Foyer Group the largest insurer and leading financial player in Luxembourg.

With a proven track record in IPMI and a workforce of experienced expatriates, Foyer Global Health is the right partner to provide high-value healthcare services to the UAE workforce, wherever they are.

Foyer Global Health Reinsurer

Claims Admin Partner

MedNet is a managed care service provider of quality solutions that meet an individual’s
long-term healthcare needs and offers financial protection against unforeseen health crisis and expenses.

MedNet is dedicated to build long-term relationships with customers (insured members, insurance companies and other entities which require managed care services) by facilitating access to high quality and affordable managed care services.

Claims Admin Partner

As two of the largest Third Party Administration (TPA ) entities of healthcare and wellness in the UAE that are operational across the GCC region for two decades merge, creating a more
consolidated business environment and an upgraded health-care provision for all parties.
The presence of a passionate, diverse and dedicated team is key to establishing long-standing relationships and valuable partnerships making NAS Neuron Health Services a Market leader that has positioned itself through combining and implementing the qualities of both entities. With a developed strategy to provide innovative customer and administrative focused solutions that carries the ability to add value to the healthcare landscape through the implementation of sophisticated in-house IT solutions that aids the delivery of quality medical administration services.
At NAS Neuron Health Services, we remain true to our values and will always strive to serve our clients in a committed and informative way while developing dynamic and adaptable solutions which makes us a prominent healthcare provider in the GCC region with a wide geographical presence.

NAS Neuron - Claim Admin Partner

Get your policy set upwithin 2-3 working days

Get insured for as fast as 2-3 days

Processing completed data in the MaxHealth Enrollment System.

Providing Binding Cover Confirmation.

Payment confirmation by the client.

Issuance of E-Cards copy / Emirates ID Health Card activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medical Insurance mandatory in Dubai?


In the emirate of Dubai, employers are required to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. Sponsors are required to get insurance cover for their resident dependents.

How Healthcare Works in the UAE


The UAE has a comprehensive, government-funded healthcare system and a rapidly developing private sector that delivers a high standard of care. Healthcare is regulated at both the Federal and Emirate level.

The healthcare system in the UAE varies from emirate to emirate, but the care you will receive throughout the country is top-notch. Expats are able to take advantage of both public and private facilities. However, where Emirati nationals receive treatment at public facilities and clinics at a low cost, and sometimes free, expats will have to pay a fee.

What is “coinsurance”? How is it different to a “deductible”?


Coinsurance is a percentage of the costs of consultations, treatment, tests, drugs and medicines that you have to pay. A deductible is a fixed amount that you pay regardless of the overall cost of treatment. Both are used as means of keeping down the costs of medical insurance.

I am not employed but I am on my spouse’s visa.

How will I be covered? Dubai Health Authority encourages employers to provide medical insurance for the spouse or dependents of its employees. However, if an employer does not provide cover, then your sponsor will need to arrange cover for you.

Where can I receive treatment if I have the basic plan?


You should receive a card confirming your enrolment in the insurance plan as well as information on the services you are entitled to and a list of providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) where you can receive these services. This list is often referred to as the “Network”.

Your insurance company (or its third party administrator) will have a network of providers in Dubai (and possibly other Emirates) that you can use. You should refer to your member handbook, your insurer’s (or TPA’s) website or otherwise contact them directly to find out which facilities you can use.

What is the definition of “ dependents”?


This is limited to your spouse and dependents children who are on your sponsorship.